48th World Championships 2018 in Desbiens Canada
World Championships Open 2012 Marseille (France)
Shooting in Desbiens Canada 2018
Asian Championships 2019 Hanoï Vietnam
Sea Games 2017 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
World Championships Shooting 2016 in Madagascar
World Championships Women 2019 Phnom Penh Cambodia
World Championships Youth 2015 Bangkok (Thailand)
World Championships Women 2019 Phnom Penh Cambodia
World Championships Women 2015 Bangkok (Thailand)

African Women's Championships

podium tunis2019Madagascar and Tunisia still in the lead, but bronze for Benin. Despite very cool weather, wind and showers, the first African Women's Championships had a classic and surprising outcome.

podium tunis2019 mada F

In triplets indeed, if the final saw the two best African nations in the women's category over the past ten years, Tunisia and Madagascar, Benin's players, magnificently trained and coached by Guy Tronou, managed to win a bronze medal from this first edition; and this is only the beginning, said the Beninese coach, who has already "produced" several world champions in the youth category when he was still working in France as well as finalists in 2016 for Benin.
The two semi-finals were one-way, both ending with a 13-0 final score, for Tunisia against Benin and Madagascar against Morocco.
In the final the Malagasy missed the subject completely, scoring only 3 points, showing a slight weakness to the point with, in addition, sometimes strange coaching.
The players of the Big Island caught up with the precision shooting, but not without difficulty. If the Tunisian and Moroccan women offered us a beautiful spectacle with suspense until 33-27, the Malagasy owed her salvation only to the weakness of the talented young Algerian woman whose coach would do well to teach her the importance of the pendulum for shooting. The low final score - 20-15 - says a lot about the quality of the show.
Fortunately the final was of an excellent quality and of a completely different intensity since, after bounces after each shot until the last 3-point goal touched by the Moroccan and stopping on the line, there was a parity score at 39-39.
However, probably because of the pressure, the play-off was tense for the fans of both players, with the Malagasy winning with her shot over the goal for a 6-3 win.

podiumAFB podiumAFMaroc

Triple results:     
Semi-finals: Tunisia beat Morocco 13-0
                  Madagascar beat Benin 13-0
Final: Tunisia beat Madagascar: 13-3
Results Precision shooting:
Semi-finals: Madagascar beat Algeria: 20-15
                  Morocco beats Tunisia: 33-27
Final: Tunisia beat Madagascar: 13-3

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