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World Championships Women 2019 Phnom Penh Cambodia
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Attempts Of Dissenting In Africa

fond fipjpUnable of obtaining a majority within the CASB - Confederation Africaine du Sport des Boules - despite meetings and repeated invitations paid fees, some African national federations - at least one which has no more delegation from FIPJP because of malpractices of their leaders - seem to want to follow the path of the creation of an organization not really identified in order to "manage" petanque in Africa.

The Executive Committee of the FIPJP is therefore limited to recall :
- FIPJP is the only recognized international body within the framework of the CMSB at the world level for Petanque. It alone has the capacity to organize or entrust the organization of world championships issuing titles and to determine which teams - qualified in competitions of which it has accepted the organization or invited - will be allowed to participate, as well as for the Multisport Games placed under the aegis of the IOC such as World Games, Mediterranean Games, SEA Games ....
- Only the national federations up to date of their contributions to the FIPJP and the Confederation of their continent can participate in these tests and present candidates to the governing bodies of the International Federation under pain of nullity.
- Like all international federations, the FIPJP freely determines which national or continental organizations can benefit from its recognition and become a member of the FIPJP.
Consequently :
Since 2006 FIPJP has delegated to the CASB the organization of African championships leading to qualifications for the world championships which had not been the case for many years.
Its texts provide it's not possible to be a member of a continental confederation without being an FIPJP member, and, conversely, it's not possible to be a FIPJP member without belonging to the confederation from its continent. This provision is reproduced in the standard statutes of the confederations adopted and adapted to continental particularities by Europe, Asia (after withdrawal of the delegation to the previous confederation which no longer respected the FIPJP rules) and Oceania, as well as in the proposal of statutes elaborated by FIPJP concerning the CASB which will have to be examined in general assembly for application in 2020 at the time of the standardization of our elections to satisfy the IOC wish that the boards of the summer sports have to be elected during the year following the summer Olympics Games.
So, only the African federations having settled their 2019 fees - and previous years if they are late - to FIPJP and CASB before JUNE, 12th, will be allowed to participate in the African Championships scheduled in Lome from June 14th to 16th. CASB. A FIPJP representative will be on hand to check the regularity of the entries and register the teams that can apply for the qualification for the 2020 Men's World Championships.
As was the case in Asia, membership in any unrecognized organization would prevent such selection.

Claude AZEMA,
Président de la FIPJP

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