Live at the 48th World Championships Triplettes Mens in Desbiens (Canada) - find all the results of World Championships & Shooting Precision to see topic of right-hand side “World championships Men” and World choice “Men”  all results 48th World Championships 
Thailand turns first after day one. It was more difficult than expected but the Thailand women's team took the lead after the first day.
The International Petanque Federation proposes to Asian people to come and learn petanque in France. Petanque at the Olympics?. In any case, this popular sport, native of Provence, is a candidate to appear on the program of the Games of Paris in 2024. To achieve this, petanque relies on its new followers in Asia, where 25 countries have already created boules sports federations. In France, discovery courses are organised, particularly…
The 48e World Championships Triplettes Men's and Tir of Precision will be held from September 13th to September 16th, 2018 in Desbiens (Canada). You will find soon all information and reservations on the website of the Town of Desbiens & also on the site of the FIPJP mitre of right-hand side: “World Championships Men” - to see the teams and teams of the participating nations “Next”.
The Mediterranean Games 2018 began today - a powerful website is remarkably held up to date diffuses all the results got by the teams & the athletes with the 3 disciplines of the Sport