Technical meeting for boules sport in the Mediterranean Games 2018

On Friday, March 23d, a technical meeting was held in Tarragona for the organization of the Boules Sport competitions during the next Mediterranean Games: June 23d, 24th and 25th.  Under the direction of Marc Bertran, coordinator of the Organizing Committee for Boules Sport were gathered: Claude Azéma, CMSB President, Mario Bascompte, International Technical Delegate, Antonio Pérez, President of the Spanish Federation of Petanque and his Secretary General Mario Gonzàlez, Ricardo Lopez, President of the Spanish Federation of Lyonnaise, Orlando Diaz, President of the Catalan Federation of Pétanque and Ruben Llorente, Technology Manager for the Games dedicated to the competitions of Boules Sport.

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A quick visit in the former velodrome completely fallow that will be assigned to Boules Sport in the middle of the sports complex of the city allowed them to realize the scope of work to be done and to locate the different terrains to achieve, each discipline having its own, according to the number of countries registered: 8 in Raffa, 11 in Lyonnaise and 12 in Pétanque.
They then stopped the formula of each competition and worked on the different topics well prepared by Marc Bertran: shuttles, schedules and place of meals, necessary materials for each, referees and officials, layout of the dedicated spaces in the competition venue, volunteers, medal ceremonies... ...
A busy and rewarding day for all the participants whose Mario will be constantly monitoring with Marc, as he works since several months.