Olympic Projet Boules Sport

This Tuesday 3 April, Mr. Claude Azéma, President of the Confederation Mondiale Sports Boules (CMSB) and the F.I.P.J.P., has presented the state in advance of the Olympic project at the headquarters of the French Federation of the Sport-Boules. The exchanges with Frédéric Ruis, President of the International Federation of Boules, Michel Desbois, President of the F.F.P.J.P. and Philippe Coquet, President of the F.F.S.B., and their collaborators have helped make the point on the implications of each of the structures and planning the projects, which could be carried out, to contribute to the success of the Olympic ambition. He have planned to meet on a quarterly basis to analyze the advanced (Next meeting Wednesday 20 June at the headquarters of the F.F.S.B.).