World Championships Petanque in Ghent (Belgium)

The world championship in Doublette and mixed Doublette were organized for the first time in April 2017. Final results downloading Traditionally the petanque is played in triplet, either in a team of three players and a reserve. By against this championship of the world will be played in the formation of two players in Doublette Doublette and mixed. The Petanque of competition as well as the Raffa and the Boulonnaise will try to join the Olympic Family in 2024 to this effect these new disciplines have been created.
This championship of the world will take place at the Topsporthal Vlaanderen in Ghent with the petanque Federatie Vlaanderen as organizer. The same organizers with the assistance of the Federation of Belgian Petanque have successfully organized the Championship of Europe Junior Female and in 2012. Our junior y were devoted vice-champion of Europe. This championship will offer the opportunity once again to put the bowls to the attention of all and to offer new to the Belgian public this sport of high competition near him.
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Final results downloading