Draw Eurocup 2017

The draw for the groups of the tower of qualification has been carried out at the meeting of the Steering Committee of the European Confederation of Petanque (CEP) of 08/04/2017 to Belvaux Luxembourg. The 2017 edition includes 27 participating nations which have been divided into 4 groups including three groups of 7 and one group of 6. The 4 Nations heads of the series are the Teams Semi-finalists of the last year: Belgium - France - Denmark - Switzerland.

Draw Eurocup2017

tirage eurocup2017

The opponents of the ABC Draguignan (Group B).
o France (ABC Draguignan)
o Latvia
o Bulgaria
o Ukraine
o Czech Republic
o Slovakia
o Scotland

the ABC Draguignan will receive the Tower of qualification on its lands from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 July 2017. The parties of the first round will begin on Thursday afternoon 14:00 except for Draguignan, free of the Group of 7 teams on Thursday, which will play its first meeting on Friday 28 July in the morning.
The first 2 of the group will be qualified for the "Big 8" of the Final of the European Cup of the clubs which took place in Gersweiller in Germany from 01 to 03 December 2017.
After the years "Mosellanes" of the petanque Round of Metz, this are the "Varois" of the ABC Draguignan who will defend, their and our colors, in inaugurating the new formula of the Cut of Europe since the CEP has introduced the 6 heads at heads from 2017 in addition to the 3 doublettes and 2 Les Triplettes customary.