5th Womens Confederation Cup

cupconf2018Thailand turns first after day one. It was more difficult than expected but the Thailand women's team took the lead after the first day. In the first round the Thai women had easily won their two games in doubles against France - 13-5 and 13-2 - but they were surprised by the burst of the French women who won 13-12 in triplet.

In this case, the rules stipulate the two players who did not participate in the triplette compete in a precisions shooting event with a shot at 7.5 meters for each of the five workshops.
The French had judiciously chosen to keep in reserve Caroline Bourriaud, winner of the event during the last World Games but, very unlucky, ishe lost 7- 4 against the Thai who was supposed - but only supposed! - be the least talented of his team.
In the other match the suspense was not at the rendezvous because the players of Chinese Taipei, according to the official name in the world sports movement, won its three three games against the Women of Singapore on scores without appeal: 13 -3 and 13-0 in doubles, 13-2 in triplette.
In the second round, the Thai women continued at the same pace, winning both games in doubles despite a meritorious resistance from the local players: 13-3 and 13-7. But, informed by the experience of the previous match, they remained focused to win in the triplet against the Taiwanese players who defended themselves very well 13-7 and fold the match without having to resort to the event of shooting.
On the other hand the French women suffered in their match against Singapore and they had to bow down 13-12 in one of doublettes. The other having been won by France, the triplette was announced decisive. Again they had a lot of trouble against players for whom a possible qualification for the final necessarily passed by a victory. Despite everything they finally won 13-2 and will play their place in the final tomorrow morning against the Taiwanese.Results:
First round:       Thailand beats France 3 - 2 & Chinese Taipei beats Singapore 4 - 0

Second Round: Thailand beats Chinese Taipei 4 - 0 & France beats Singapore 3 - 1

For the third and final qualifying round, the Thai women, already assured to reach the final, didn't do the details against the Singapore players, allowing them to make only one point: 13-1 and 13-0 in doublettes, then 13-0 in triplettes.

In the other game that looked like a semi-final, the fight was severe between the French and the Taiwanese. The latter were the first to win their doublette by 13 to 7 thus giving the advantage to their team, but the second match lasted more than two hours and can serve as a demonstration in the tactics courses to give examples of bad solutions. After having curled twice the correctional, French players who had also missed a win, ended up winning 13 to 11, giving a decisive character to the game in triplettes
In this match, taking advantage of bad choices of Taiwanese whose coach manages to follow the entire game without saying a word, the French quickly took the ascendancy: 4-0, 8-2 and 12-2 in five ends including two ends with 4 points. Unfortunately they had a strange drop in power, missing three times the opportunity to win and allowing their opponents to return to 8-12. However the fourth time was the good one for a 13-8 win.
In the final for the bronze medal, the Taiwanese took a hard revenge against the Singapore players leaving them only crumbs with two doublettes won by 13 to 1. The resistance of their opponents was stronger but it did not prevented from bringing the bronze medal to their country to the delight of the public and the many and available volunteers who supported the event, winning the last match 13-2.
Although the score after the doublets shows two victories for Thailand against France both sides were bitterly contested, despite the score of 13 to 3 in the first. In the second the French have had all their chances after a start of the game that saw the two teams taking successively lead until 8-7 for the tricolors. The latter had 5 boules in hand and the point but they could only add 3 to go up to 12 perhaps not making the most judicious choice. This rarely excuses the Thai women, who, a bit lucky in the last end, won two ends later by 13 to 12.
Only hope for the French : it was necessary to win the triplets to hope then compete in the victory with the event of shooting. Unfortunately fatigue did not allow them to develop their usual game and they could not take advantage of the mistakes of their opponents who won the Confederations World Cup after a severe 13-2.


3rd round:     Thailand beats Singapore 4-0    &    France beats Chinese Taipei: 3-2

Bronze medal: Chinese Taipei beats Singapore 4-0

Gold and Silver medal - Final: Thailand beats France 4-0

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