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CIEP 2023

marathon2023Taking advantage of his presence in Bangkok where he led a umpires teaching course before presiding over the 2022 edition of the Asian Championships in triples and precision shooting for the three categories, President Azéma, met with the managers of Marathon to finalise the renewal of the partnership contract binding the FIPJP and the company...
partner marathon2022
After the one with FBT in the spring, the signature took place at the company's headquarters with the CEO, Mr. Bonchai Loripath and his daughter, General Manager, in the presence of Mrs. Suphonnart Lamlert (Nong), General Secretary of the Asian Confederation and its Treasurer.
Signed for the 2023-2025 seasons and automatically renewable for 2026-2028, this agreement provides, mainly but not only, for the supply of equipment for all participants in the world championships in singles, doubles and mixed and, if necessary, in any new event the FIPJP would like to set up, as well as the supply of 1,000 sets of boules each year.
At the request of the President, Marathon has included the possibility of extending this contract to the FIB, with discussions on packaging and competitions to take place between the two parties.