World Championships Triples Men

poster worls championships 2021In its meeting of July 11th, the members of the FIPJP Executive Committee felt that, like most other sports, it was necessary to start occupying the field again and not to accept a new white year without acting. After the visit of several sites ready to replace Lausanne (Switzerland) and Ayuttahya (Thailand) who had given up due to the consequences of the pandemic, then the cancellation of the European Championships, it was decided to entrust the organisation of the three competitions to the Spain on the site of Santa Susanna, already approached for the Young and the Women.

Participating teams 2021 edition

boule internationListing of the participating teams at the 49th World Championship of Men's Triplettes in Santa Susanna (Spain)

Results of the World Championships 2021

boule internationaleResults of the World Championships Triplets Men in Santa Susanna (Spain)

Qualifiers Swiss System World Championship

boule internationDetailed results of the Swiss System 5 rounds & Rankings...

Results World Championships Shooting 2021

boule internationaleResults of World Championships Shooting 2021 in Santa Susanna (Spain)

Results Nations Cup 2021

boule internationaleResults of the Nations Cup 2021 in Santa Susanna (Spain)

Winners Championship Men

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Winners Shooting

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48th World Championships 2018 in Desbiens (Canada)

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All results 48th World Championships Men 2018 in Desbiens (Canada)

47th World Championships Madagascar 2016

boule internation All Results 47th World Championships Men